Austin Mini Maker Faire 2015: the T-shirt!

Hey!  It’s our AWESOME new AMMF 2015 T-shirt design by the inimitable Kat Townsend!  Volunteer a fun 4 hour shift and gain free entry to the faire AND one of these spiffy AMMF T-shirts in red.  Both red and blue will be on sale at the Faire. Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.11.49 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.11.54 PM

Top 10 Ways to Attend the 2-Day Austin Mini Maker Faire


by Bernadette Noll, craft coordinator for Austin Mini Maker Faire

For the first time in Austin Mini-Maker Faire history, the Maker Faire is TWO FULL DAYS!!! We have lots of fun things on the schedule each day including hands-on workshops, music,  interactive exhibits, rides, games, activities,  a jam-packed speaker’s stage and more! Not sure how it’ll work for you and your family? Here are just a few reasons you should plan on filling your weekend with the Austin Mini Maker Faire!

  1. Buy a weekend pass. Come with your kids one day and WITHOUT your kids the next. The Maker Faire is definitely NOT just for kids!
  2. Pick up your Nerdy Derby race car kit on Saturday. (only 600 available!!  Free until they’re gone!)  Come back Sunday for the exciting Nerdy Derby Grand event sponsored by Foundry for a chance to win some amazing prizes!
  3. Bring a date. You know that person you’ve had your eye on for a while now? Or that one who shares your house? Show them your intelligent AND fun side by buying a pair of weekend tickets to the Faire.
  4. Grab a schedule of events on the first day and plot your weekend’s Maker Faire itinerary. We’ve got a full schedule of bands, interactive workshops, speakers and events – come both days so you don’t miss a beat. (and with bands like Minor Mishap Marching Band and Mazeltov Kocktail Hour that’ll be quite a beat indeed!)
  5. How can you learn to solder, sew, make a hula hoop, use a 3D printer all in one day AND check out the amazing BoneShaker Big Wheel all in one day?? Plan on a full weekend for a full hands-on, life changing experience!
  6. Bring your high school students for an event way more informative than any college fair EVER!! It could be at the Faire that they find their lifelong passion.
  7. Come with one child one day and one child the next for the perfect parent/child one-on-one interactive experience.
  8. Got a birthday party to plan? Have it at the Maker Faire and bring a whole pack of kids. Then come back the next day with just the family!
  9. Bring your swimsuits and splash in the fountain at Butler Park. Then dry off on the Bike Zoo Carousel! Maker Faire is a reason to spend the entire weekend in the park!
  10. Make one day a tech day and the next an arts and crafts day. From Arduino to lace making, from 3D printing to hand sewing, Austin Mini Maker Faire has got it all!!!

So go ahead and put both days on your calendar, because you will be sad if you don’t! (so will we!)

DSC04785_2 copy DSC05204_1 J.RaymondDSC_9246_1.5_1024

Call for Makers has been extended until April 16th!

We are seeking Makers who want to show off what they MAKE (Technology! Robotics! 3d printers! Start ups! Maker Ed! Art! Craft! Farm! Food! and more!) or share skills or provide hands-on experiences and interactive exhibits for our attendees.  We are also seeking musicians (preferably with a Maker element), speakers, and workshops.  We expect 8-10,000 attendees this year… this is an amazing place to get people excited about what you do!

CALL FOR MAKERS ENDS April 16th, so don’t delay… get your application in today!


Call for Makers is now OPEN!

IMG_5549SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATIONS NOW to participate in the biggest, best Austin Mini Maker Faire EVER!  FOURTH FAIRE is going to knock your socks off, y’all. May 16-17 at the Palmer Events Center.

We are seeking Makers who want to show off what they MAKE (Technology! Robotics! 3d printers! Start ups! Maker Ed! Art! Craft! Farm! Food! and more!) or share skills or provide hands-on experiences and interactive exhibits for our attendees.  We are also seeking musicians (preferably with a Maker element), speakers, and workshops.  We expect 8-10,000 attendees this year… this is an amazing place to get people excited about what you do!

CALL FOR MAKERS ENDS MARCH 17th, so don’t delay… get your application in today!


Even MORE great photos!

Thanks again to the amazing Eric McQuestion for snapping these great pictures!     DSC04583_1  DSC04603_1   DSC04630_1  DSC04683_2 copy DSC04702_2 copy DSC04712_1 copy DSC04717_1 DSC04722_1 DSC04723_2 copy DSC04735_1 DSC04766_1 DSC04785_2 copy DSC04802_2 DSC04817_1 DSC04826_2 DSC04833_1 DSC04852_1 DSC04871_1 DSC04871_2 DSC04896_1  DSC04944_2 copy_1 DSC04958_2 DSC05026_2

Hey look! Even more photos!

Thanks so much to Eric McQuestion for taking scads of amazing photos of the Faire on May 3! DSC05045_1 DSC05051_1 DSC05088_1 DSC05107_1 DSC05124_1 DSC05152_2 DSC05158+1 DSC05164_1 DSC05172_1 DSC05180_1 DSC05195_1 DSC05204_1 DSC05210_1 DSC05218_1 DSC05226_1 DSC05274_1 DSC05398_1 DSC05419_1 DSC05506_1 DSC05545_1 DSC05728_1 DSC05757_1 DSC05792_1 DSC05829_1

Austin Mini Maker Faire 2014: and a good time was had by all!

Huge thanks to John Raymond Photography for these amazing photos:  www.seeinto.usJ.RaymondDSC_9857_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_9920_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_0004_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_0024_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_0046_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_0056_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_0240_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_0279_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_0354_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_0423_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_9214_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_9319_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_9718_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_9847_1.5_1024J.RaymondDSC_9924_1.5_1024  J.RaymondDSC_9890_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_9850_1.5_1024 (1) J.RaymondDSC_9276_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_9230_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_0399_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_0318_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_0308_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_0295_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_0192_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_0123_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_0107_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_0402_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_9246_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_9724_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_9780_1.5_1024 J.RaymondDSC_9850_1.5_1024

AMMF T-shirts for sale!

photo (1)Our shirts were so beautiful this year (designed byKat Townsend) that they sold out, so we’re ordering up another batch (screenprinted right here in Austin, TX by ASPCO).  Aren’t you lucky, it’s not too late to get yourself some!

Buy adult shirts here and kid’s shirts here.

We have Women’s and Men’s sizes in a navy, sky blue, or washed-out red.  Kid’s colors are either sky blue or red.

Please specify the sizes and colors you would like along with your address in the ‘special instructions to seller’ section when you pay via Paypal.


Yes we have press: Austin American-Statesman and KUT!

1622239_682455155124976_8761487515026923836_nYay!  We made the paper today… read all about it here.

And we’re also on Arts Eclectic on KUT this week!  You can listen here.


DO: Fold, Bend, Spindle and Mutilate

The Craft Area at Maker Faire 2013 was inspired by a donation of over 1000 used t-shirts and over 400 women’s slips donated from New Bohemia. The challenge was to figure out ways to use them. T-shirt yarn, weaving, t-shirt bags and screen printing were all incorporated into the area and we used about 800 t-shirts throughout the day. It was my first time making T-shirt yarn and it has changed the way I look at a worn out or ugly T. Rather than thinking “rag-bag” now I think, “T-SHIRT YARN!” and in seconds I am cutting and rolling up a beautiful new ball of yarn to use for weaving, tying, gardening, and wrapping gifts. When I say it changed my lens on this ridiculously abundant material, I kid you not.

This year, the craft area will be all paper projects. The theme of paper was inspired by a package from Perigee Publishing which contained two of what are now my favorite books: The Art of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley and This Book Was a Tree by Marcie Cuff. Both of which encourage a creative approach to life in general.

And the wheels started turning. Hmm, paper projects? I started scheming and dreaming and pondering and reaching out. Perigee Publishing responded big time! They sent us books to donate to all our makers. They sent us fun print-outs of projects to give to all our attendees. They sent us sponsor money too for the paper craft area. And they are even helping to get these authors from their respective homes in Australia and Massachusetts to come to the Faire!

So what will we be doing in the craft area? We’ll be drawing, folding, bending, spindling, and mutilating all different kinds of paper. Drawing out words. Making a collective poetry wall. Making seed balls from paper egg cartons. Paper airplanes from old phone books. Paper Cranes for McCallum High School’s No Place for Hate campaign. Open build origami. And a collective paper mobile which by the end of the Faire should be a most amazing site!

I want to thank Perigee Publishing first for creating such a host of amazing maker books like the two mentioned above. And for donating such books as The Art of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley, This Book was a Tree by Marci Cuff, Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith, Fold Me Up by Michelle Taute, How to Make Jewelry by Tatty Devine, Outside the Lines by Souris Hong-Pourretta, Slow Family Living by yours truly, and The Trickster’s Hat by Nick Bantock.
I hope you make it to the Faire and I hope to see you in the Paper and Book Craft area. Because, not only are we going to be making some amazing things, but we hope too to get a new lens on paper, projects and endless possibilities!