2013 Austin Mini Maker Faire – Makers

Fort Worth Makerspace
Jodi Egerton Word Play!
New Farm Institute at Green Gate Farm Farm Camp Preview: Building tents, tepees, treehouses; cooking, crafts, and carpentry; Care for horses, chickens, pigs, etc
Design Build Live Building with earth blocks
Chaotic Moon Studios Chaotic Moon Studios pushes innovation in mobile beyond apps to the world of bits and atoms
C.E.R.T: Certified Emergency Response Team Learn how to make a disaster-preparedness kit
Thomas Alva Edison; “The Wizard of Menlo Park!” Daniel G. Benes has been called a “modern Thomas Edison” so many times, he finally turned into one!
YogaSlacklining YogaSlacking brings yoga to the slackline as unique aspect of the practice that teaches complete body awareness
Christopher Sanchez Austin's first food forest and East Feast 2022
Freescale Freedom and mbed: A makers match
Choo Choo Express
Steve Wolf of Stunt Ranch Science in the Movies
Michelle Elbert Advice for the Cosplay Curious
Smudge Studios Pendulum painting on reclaimed clothing
Texas Disposal Systems Restore Décor
LIFE: Learning Innovations in Future Education
Skybridge Academy
Faire Treasures Victorian & Steampunk apparel and accessories
Livid Instruments Microcontroller
Curare Sweets
John P. Funk- Enchanted Lands
Dr. Carl Deckard Selective Laser Sintering: A Look Back and a Look Forward
Chris Slaughter of Lynx Laboratories 3-D Scanning
East Side Garden Exchange
Artist Screen Printing Cooperative
Growin’ Together Green Technology for Kids
Microbial Earth
Cateran Cycles Practical and Impractical bicycles built by their end users from scrap frames and recycled parts.
Batik by Design Community Collage Art
3:00 Steve Wolf of Stunt Ranch Science in the Movies
Sciborg and the Robopimps Sam Alexander's love of Isaac Asimov novels, Star Trek and Star Wars influenced him to construct an array of cyborg costumes that have won many a costume contest. Its all part of the show and entertain you they will with some heavy duty Punk-Funk Rock & Roll.
Sera Bonds Making the change you want to see in the world
Pony Trap Rise of the Machines. How a real-world need drove our creation of musical robots.
Derek Woodgate The Future of Education: Collaborative Maker Spaces as Transformative, Experiential Classrooms
The Austin Astronomical Society Homemade Telescopes and DIY Astronomical Devices
Austin Waldorf School
LEGO WeDo and Scratch: Playful Robotics
Texas Brick Rail Road We have a display of some of our Lego Creations.
Apollo Wearable Solar Generators
Austin Lacemaker’s Guild
The Word Makers! You give us a challenge, we will write you a poem or story on the spot!
Griffin’s Workshop Inventions, electronics, and art projects by one very creative kid.
EcoRise Youth Innovations
Mobileduino turn your RC car into an insanely fun autonomous robot.
JangoBot 3D printer
Darkmatter XBox Laptop and DIY Kit
Kraftwurx Turn Ideas Into Reality™, produced on-demand using 3D printing
Recycled Reads make a 3D paper pen topper
Austin Planetarium Discovery Dome A 30' x 30' portable planetarium
Creating for Causes Stop by and make a card for our troops!
Professor Conrad of Flim Flam Laboratories Multipurpose Reprocessing Distillation Concentrator
Bella Peregrina Ranch Steampunk, ponies, parrots, and sword fighting!
Sciborg Guitars LIVE! Custom Handmade Guitars
Edge of Imagination Station Interactive mobile stop motion animation lab
Tormach PCNC 1100 CNC demo booth Live demos of the Tormach PCNC 1100 CNC System
TXFX Haunters Group, Round Rock Chapter
Austin Bike Zoo
FIRST Robotics Demonstration This demonstration showcases students and the robots they've developed during the 2012-2013 competition season.
Feto Soap Customize and make a bar of soap with Lisa of Feto Soap.
Making a Race for Everyone Make your own medal to celebrate your own wonderful something!
Austin Area Homeschoolers Science Team
Type 40 Mark III Interactive sound sculpture
Tiny Creative Acts: Share the Magic! Be a part of a group art installation that you share with your friends—and the world!
The Weavers And Spinner Society of Austin Come play with fiber!
The Robot Group We have a plethora of different exhibits, including a hands-on Robo Spin Art exhibit.
Studio Greenbean Steel, pearls, jute, and hemp: Sustainable Jewelry, Printmaking, and Home Decor
Squid Ink Kollective Lots of cats eating pizza and sea life with hair!
Move Make Create Sew your own cuddly creature
Sapphire Open Systems Demos on display will include the ChromaTron wireless LED lighting system and other low power networked sensors and devices.
Sabotage Studios Laser cut designs
Revenant Rangers Steampunk group that make props for movies and costumes
Paper Posies & Recycled Roses Make and take a flower home today!
Paint by Numbers Mural Project Paint-by-number community mural project
Maker Scout origami, flexagons, pop-ups, stomp rockets, and DIY Maker Scout notebooks
Make a 3D printer Learn how to build your own 3-D printer
Lynx A Camera The world's first point-and-shoot 3D camera
Lucky Day Hats Neo-Victorian and steampunk, top hats, bowlers, mini top hats, aviators, Fez and more!
Lone Star Hovercraft homebuilt hovercraft
Lola Riera Jewelry and Apparel
Lil’Red – BMX Solar Tracker Dual-axis solar tracker made from a boy's BMX bike frame
LEGO Minifigure Customization Come learn how to make custom LEGO based minifigures.
Kineteka Systems We are local distributors for SparkFun, Adafruit, Arduino, Pololu, ElectricLaboratory, Freetronics, LogicalZero, iTeed Studio, Microbot, and Tibbo.
Jankie Apparel Positive imagery and apparel with a pop culture twist.
Austin Living Math Fibonacci spirals and candy mobius strips
How I Built a Boat A motor boat built by a 9 year old Acton Academy student
Hand printed woodcuts Printmaker Elizabeth Stettler will demonstrate how to carve and print a woodcut
Education Transformation Alliance A variety of Earth-friendly activities!
World on a String crochet jewelry demos
Ceiling fan sign Persistence of vision on a ceiling fan.
Blinkenworks See huge LED screens, custom remote control light switches, a business card that's a video game, and an 8 foot high LED staff!
Austin Phonograph Company hand cranked phonograph record players from the early 1900s.
Austin Creative Reuse Canvas-bag stenciling and CD case Scrabble
Animation Station Animation Station
Blue Bamboo Crafts Duct tape wallets, purses, flowers, diy kits and related accessories.
Girlstart Shooting Straws
Lost Little Things vintage inspired home goods, jewelry and accessories
AmeliaBeth Upcycled & Handmade
PrettyKiku Japanese Chiyogami paper jewelry and accessories
Austin A-Loft Android Pigeon Walkie Talkie
Magpie’s Trick Hand-forged sterling silver and gemstone artisan jewelry.
Unrepeatables Hand Painted Nail Polish Jewelry
Purl and Loop needlecraft kits and project ideas
ATX Hackerspace Learn to Solder Workshop
Austin Children’s Museum Pop it Up!