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Project: electric non-hybrid 18 wheeler

electric dogIntroducing a way to use an electric non-hybrid 18 wheeler to pull 42 tons continuously for 10 hours at 55 miles an hour. This truck is already built and will be fully loaded driven from Bryan Texas to Austin mini maker faire ( without using any fuel of any kind at all EVER). It is a 1979 R-model Mack truck with the diesel engine, fuel, fuel tanks, and exhaust removed and I have installed an electric motor with an automatic transmission and battery banks installed on the truck. This truck has a 26 foot long end dump trailer on it and is fully loaded with gravel.  Gross weight is 84,000 lbs total.  I use this truck as my daily driver and my way to make a living.  I built this truck my self.  You can go to GREENSHEDCONVERSIONS.COM and look under the assisted conversions button and see my truck being built.

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