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Michelle Elbert

Project: Advice for the Cosplay Curious

Cosplay… You know you want to. Just because we get older doesn’t mean we still don’t like to play Dress Up every now and again. (As evidenced by the huge industry Halloween costumes for adults has become.) But why should October get all the glory? Ren Faire, Conventions, and meetups provide, throughout the year, plenty of excuses to dress a bit... differently then one might feel comfortable donning in you everyday life. You’re not REQUIRED to wear a costume at events like these, but it’s easy to become inspired and want to dip your toe in… Or maybe you’re just tired of buying off the rack when Halloween rolls around. Either way, you no doubt have questions. Do I need to know how to sew? Do I need to spend a lot of money? Does it need to be “screen accurate”? I’ll tell you right now, the answer to all of these questions is “No”. So… That was a spoiler and maybe you think you don’t need to come to my presentation now, but do come anyway because I hate talking to myself.

Bio: Michelle Elbert is an award winning “Nerdcore” rapper who holds a degree in technical theater with a focus on costume and makeup design. She worked in that capacity in independent film and television on projects such as ”Black Scorpion: The Television Series” produced by Roger Corman before she remembered that living out of her car was a total drag. Since then she’s found more conventional employment and joined ATX Hackerspace (, where she continues building props and costumes because it’s super fun and makes people happy when they recognize what she’s supposed to be dressed as.

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