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Dr. Carl Deckard

Project: Selective Laser Sintering: A Look Back and a Look Forward

The inventor of Selective Laser Sintering, Dr. Carl R. Deckard presents a brief history of Selective Laser Sintering, the leading industrial 3D Printing process as well as a look into the future of Selective Laser Sintering and 3D printing. The first Selective Laser Sintering machine (from 1988) and early parts will be on display.

Bio: At the age of seven Carl Deckard set his sites on invention. He saw the need for 3D Printing while working a summer job at a manufacturing facility during the summer after his freshmen year (1981) in Mechanical Engineering at UT Austin. Deckard developed the concept for Selective Laser Sintering over the next two and a half years. Deckard developed Selective Laser Sintering at UT while earning a Masters (1986) and Ph.D (1988). Deckard co-founded DTM in 1987 and continued developing Selective Laser Sintering culminating in the launch of the SinterStation 2000 in 1993. Deckard was Assistant Professor at Clemson from 1993 to 1996. Deckard is currently a principal at Structured Polymers, a material development and manufacturing company.

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