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Daniel G. Benes; “The Wizard of Antique Technology!” ~ Antique Technology Exhibit!

"Daniel G. Benes has been called a “modern Thomas Edison” so many times he finally turned into one!"

Thomas Alva Edison, aka, “The Wizard of Menlo Park”, was an inventor and experimenter savant. An astute businessman with over 1000 US patents to his name, Edison may be single-handedly responsible for more advancements to the creature comforts of mankind than all of the inventors before him combined. Step back in time, as Edison, portrayed by Showdown at Unobtainium 2012’s much lauded Mr. Edison; Daniel G. Benes, explains how these inventions worked and demonstrates actual working models at his Mini-Menlo Park Lab at Maker Faire!

Daniel’s improvisational depiction of Thomas A. Edison represents the spirit of a more innocent era in American scientific history and discovery—before industrial brutality, Patent and Current Wars, and the passage of time clouded the scientific timeline.

LIVE demonstrations will include a one-of-a-kind miniature Edison Direct Current (D.C.) Electrical Generation & Distribution System, with working miniature Steam Engine and Dynamo, a 120 year-old hand-wound Electric Motor, and several Edison Incandescent Bulbs, including a 1.5 kilowatt monster! Also on hand will be a working antique Quadraplex Telegraph demonstration system, two 1920’s Edison electric Business Dictation Phonographs, and lots of printed Patents and drawings. Plus, take a look inside at the gear-motor of an original 1905 Thomas A. Edison “Standard Model” Cylinder Phonograph while it plays one of several 100 year-old cylinder records! There are enough gears inside to make a Steampunk blush! Also, dare to have your hair raised by an original 1920’s Van de Graaff high-voltage generator!

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