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Pulsar 582

Pulsar 582 experimental built airplane. It has 2 seats, a 25 ft wingspan and is 19.5 ft long. Weighs 480 lbs empty, 1000 lbs fully loaded. With a 65 hp engine it cruises at 130 mph and lands at 45 mph.

Fly like an Eagle!! Build and fly your own airplane! Imagine owning a motorcycle with wings. The Pulsar is one example of what you can build and fly. It is like time travel because it cuts your travel time down, you go more places in less time. Want to see clouds close up? Ever see a full circle rainbow? You can in an airplane.
All of the skills you need are easy to learn. The local EAA chapter 187 members have built and flown many airplanes and we welcome new members. You can build your own airplane and fly wherever you want to go.

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