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Stunt Ranch: Special FX Make-up

Want to know how to make amazing cuts, bruises, scars and burns for cool movie and Halloween effects?

Hollywood FX Make-up All Star KAT MITCHELL will be at the Austin Maker Faire to teach you how it’s done.

In this hands-on half-hour class Kat will guide you as you make your own gore effect.

Space is very limited, so sign up here to make sure you can work with her.

Bruises  $5

Warts, Pimples, & Skin Yuckies  $10

Wax Bullet wounds     $20

Latex Bullet wounds  $20

Wax Cuts    $15

Latex Cuts  $15

Melting/ burnt skin $25

Zombies    $25

This is a very popular offering for kids, and for many grown-ups, and the chance to work with someone of Kat’s talent is a rare treat.

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