2016 Makers

Maker Description Category
“Slipstream” A miniature airsteam camper Homesteading full
3Bros Designs Jesus Gonzalez presents two projects: Goliath Aquaponics / Goldilocks Spectrum LED Plant Growing Young makers 24366886519_9cd1ab8ea1_o
3BrosDesigns Nicky Gonzalez build a 3D printer from scratch to create Superhero & Drone Targets & Football accessories. Young makers 24652054121_6755d81297_o
4Reelz School of Film Makeup & Costume station, Mobile lego, 3D Printing Arts
4reelz school of film
Alley Cat Press Fine art prints and live prints t-shirts using a rolling press with hand carved woodblock designs Commercial Maker 12063880_743508575777929_8388385814343420084_n
Allforge World's first 3D Molding Machine that allows for production of plastic, metal, soap, candy, and more. Commercial Maker
American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute Non-profit association that promotes the art, craft, and professions of horology. Engineering IMG_4608
Anderson Robotics Robots built and programmed by Anderson High School students. Robotics ja-news_RobotFashionShow10
ArcAttack A performance art group playing music through homemade, high-tech instruments Darkroom
Argo Design Study how photographs are othered and appropriated, positing one-sided viewpoints from communities and corporations. Arts
Argo Design Come play augmented reality air hockey Darkroom P3080552
Argo Design We built a simple robot to rake a zen garden Cool Things zen
Argo Design Paint by RGB is 2,500 RGB LEDs in a crowd sized wall individually controlled by an infrared brush in your hand. Darkroom 3
Arovia The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (SPUD) is a high resolution, 24 inch display that collapses like an umbrella to the size and... Start Up SPUD+Background
Art In A Nutshell A unique way of seeing art. Commercial Maker Scribble-Example-Reward
Art.Science.Gallery/Ink & Sword Aims to inspire new interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math, known as the STEM subjects. Commercial Maker Launchpad
ATX Hackerspace ATX Hackerspace is an all-volunteer run, community workshop offering woodworking, laser cutters, 3D printers, a sewing machine,... Engineering 10382057_795870890443277_6276982259069657945_o
AudioBody High tech comedy and music performance. Darkroom
Austin Amateur Radio Club Amateur Radio- The Ultimate Hobby. "Hams" all around the world communicate without wires or internet access. We learn how Radio... Technology IMG_3958
Austin Area Rocketry Group Is all about having fun and learning with rockets. Engineering
Austin Collage Groupe Collage is an inexpensive way to create art and express you. Arts ManWomanWalkingTowardUs
Austin Fiber Council Demonstrations from a variety of fiber artists plus an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Fiber Art y
Austin Homeschool Science League Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of events. Education IMG_7850-XL
Austin IoT A local meetup of professionals, enthusiasts, hackers, and makers who share enthusiasm for the Internet of Things space. Engineering
Internet of Things
Austin Tech Art School We are Austin creative technologists with a passion for sharing our experience and expertise with others. Arts
Austin Tie Dye Co and Austin Color Lab We are starting our Camp Color Lab which will focus on the science behind color. Arts
Austin Toy Museum Nonprofit museum display of toy making process Arts ja-screens_AustinToyMuseum1
Austin Yellow Bike Project A volunteer-powered initiative to put bicycles on the streets of Austin and Central Texas. Engineering
Authentic wall art Beautiful and elegant artful pieces that are laser etched and cut from Baltic Birch wood. Commercial Maker 12523126_1550840411907383_6272960251471608497_n
Bake Austin This is a life cake decorating demonstration. Arts
Bamboosterz We empower anyone to transform natural bamboo into green products with purpose. Commercial Maker original
Baubles & Orbs Live air plant terrariums. Commercial Maker tHnBvDf
Bibliographia Projects STEAM Unit component of the Bibliographia Mobile Print Project. Arts
BLE BristleBots One part Bluetooth Low Energy, a dash of an Android App and custom circuitry. Engineering
Young makers
Bon Davis: Lucid Dreaming: Hacking Your Head…In Bed Bon Davis is currently working in Professional Theater Production (IATSE Union), following an active academic career (BA in... Speaker 155318_10151304852941584_1196535897_n
Bot Party A humanist collective of artists and engineers, exploring the intersection of Art and Technology. Robotics botparty3_800-ed
Boulder Lanterns Boulder Lantern is an interactive sculpture that uses light to show motion detection and reaction. Darkroom BoulderLantern
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area From making paper circuits to interacting with Makey Makey Education merged_zpswyuadv51
Breakdance Austin Train. Focus. Dream. Inspire. Create. Respect. Movement. Breakdance Austin Studios Performer image1
Bros Productions The lamps know how many people are looking at them, and change their lighting accordingly. Darkroom
Fashion Show
Caleb Kraft of Make magazine: Wow Factor and Safety with Shave Evans, Tim Deagan, Joe DiPrima, and Joey Ficklin A panel about high voltage and high temperatures. Dangerous stuff for fun and profit. Arts
Capital Region CPSO – Destination Imagination A program supporting students in Kindergarten through the University level. Education IMG_5922
Central Texas Makers Our group includes expertise in 3D Printing, Metal Working , Programming, Sewing, and more. Arts
Chap Research Augmented reality tank game that combines robotics, electronics and computer vision. Engineering Tankpic
ChickTech Austin A nonprofit organization committed to increasing the participation of girls and women in STEM. Young makers ChickTech-Austin-Logo
CLAW Amusement Technologies We design and build electronic and mechanical arcade-style games and amusements. Darkroom
Clay’s Kits Educational electronics kits and electronics related Maker parts and supplies. Commercial Maker
Maker Faire Photo
Cognitive Candy Cognitive Candy is an internet connected candy dispensing machine. Candy gives away treats to people if she "feels" like doing... Science IMG_4873-e1462196824852
Colorful Exploration A community installation art piece designed for both children and adults. Arts img_8016_25244879413_o
Compost to Electricity Generate electricity from compost Young makers AustinMFCNewPic
Creative Side Jewelry Academy Creative Side Jewelry Academy is one of the fastest growing jewelry schools in the U.S. Hosting over 75 courses a semester,... Arts
Crescent City Couture We sell a variety of bags and more Commercial Maker 12191927_827665653999196_4614270516618307201_n
Cyborg Underworld This is an exhibit of different cybernetic sci-fi costumes, lamps and related art that I have created over the years. Darkroom
Fashion Show
Cyborg Underworld This is an exhibit of different cybernetic sci-fi costumes, lamps and related art that I have created over the years. Darkroom
Fashion Show
dadageek Projection mapping Darkroom
Daniel G. Benes Science Shows A teacher & instructor savan. Antique Science
Dead Music Capital Band The Dead Music Capital Band is undying proof that the party doesn’t have to end just because life does. From originals, New... Music 1017631_778550582251637_1760335425233030775_n
Delptronics A large 60x32 LED Matrix. Darkroom LED-Matrix-SXSW-Create_large
Diode Fashion Fashion Show Darkroom LED
DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. The only Austin, TX Nerdcore DJ. DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. has worked with multiple nerdcore artist such as Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, and... Music
Dr Alex Bevan of Urban Mining Company: Possibly Austin’s greenest new high tech start up; from waste to high performance magnetic materials. Magnetic materials are used in everyday life, in cell phones, computers and many other high tech products. Where do these... Engineering
Dr. Rachael Livermore and Dr. Jeffrey Silverman: Distant Galaxies and Exploding Stars The hosts of Astronomy on Tap ATX will share a little bit about their respective areas of astronomical expertise. Dr. Livermore... Speaker AstroOnTap_atx
Dual Core Dual Core is an international nerdcore hip hop group. We make music about science, technology, math, and engineering. Hack all... Music
Dual Core and DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N. Dual Core is an international nerdcore hip hop group. We make music about science, technology, math, and engineering. Hack all... Arts
Cool Things
Electroninks Writeables A conductive ink pen Commercial Maker
Fartsy Arts Products include laser cut jewelry that is colorfully handpainted, mixed media artwork, greeting cards, prints, kitchen art,... Commercial Maker 25237429733_4d52f642a9_o
Feto soap Make your own soap and nail polish. Arts
Maker 16 - 6869897889_ec7ab2523a_b
Fractured Atlas Device to inspire passion projects Commercial Maker mtc-no-blink-2e040cc364d15f8eda80299d7de364c933f4e551333f70ed1537536696991011
Game Worlds Learn to make video games. Education ABH_2149
Ghostbusters ATX Made up of a group of individuals who share a common enthusiasm for the 1984 classic “Ghostbusters”. Arts GB
Girl Scouts/Lady Cans An all girls robotics team located in the greater Austin area. Robotics girls
Glow-in-the-Dark Pendulum Waves Display of pendulums of light Darkroom Screenshot-2016-03-11-at-3.21.50-PM
GrannyGoodFish Pottery and Sculpture We will demonstrate wheel throwing and hand building techniques. Arts
Maker 16 - ArmisteadBrenda-bluefish
Grey Water Recycle A fully autonomous grey water recycle setup. Commercial Maker
Guild of the Silent Sword Traditional African martial arts and swordplay PhysEd
Haddad TechnoJewelry Designs and builds Arduino-compatible luminous jewelry. Commercial Maker
Fashion Show
Harmony Public Schools Harmony Public Schools promotes STEM education throughout the state at 45 campuses. Harmony`s very own STEMSOS model... Education 13095987_547963272042426_3505620110346867864_n
Homemade Droid I have a fully functional droid that I have been working on for approximatly 7 months. He's half the size of a typical r2d2... Robotics 13094349_10208775754892619_8028222520090781807_n
Homeschool Inventor’s Club An automated way to monitor moisture in the attic. Young makers thumb_IMG_2022_1024_zpsr43js9rg
Hoopcircle Make a hoop PhysEd IMG_0488-1024x768
iot crate Contains an easy to build web connected project that you can get up and running in under 10 minutes. Commercial Maker
Jeff Branson of SparkFun Panel; Education and Risk: How New Methods of Learning are Upping the Ante From project-based learning to MOOCs to the flipped classroom the "maker mentality" is forcing education to make some bets that... Education
Jeff Branson of SparkFun: Teaching the Machines to Be More Human We stand at a place in history where the rate of societal change is at a record pace. What drives this ever increasing... Engineering
Josh Norem of Silicon Labs How to Find Solutions to (Almost) Any Problem This talk will look at how to effectively get help with technical problems and... Engineering
Kitchen Overlord Press specializing in nerdy cookbooks Commercial Maker ko-logo-small
Knitting Circle Make your own knitting needles, plarn and start knitting a shopping bag! Arts
Maker 16 - Unknown
Legacy Early College High School Engineering A program designed in partnership with The University Of Texas School of Engineering and NASA to educate young students Education 5264421_orig
Lille Huset LLC Hand crafted dollhouses Commercial Maker Maker 16 -collection2
Logro Farms Award winning sustainable farm in Austin, Texas Arts
LPiC A large format RGB LED installation. Darkroom OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Magnigadgets, LLC The first ever no splash indoor dancing fountain. Arts
Make your own scratch hologram Make your own hologram by putting a pattern of scratches into a shiny surface Cool Things scratch_holograms
MakeCrate Provides monthly kits for kids to learn engineering, electronics, and coding principles. Commercial Maker MakeCratepromo
Maker Fashion Show E-textiles, wearable technology, Upcycled fashion and MORE
Microbial Earth Farms An innovative conceptual solution to the regional housing affordability crisis in Central Texas. Homesteading p
Midnight Breeze Designs Clothing of the Renaissance Commercial Maker 822514568_o
Morningstar Curio Make a basic dump mold from silicone. Commercial Maker IMG_0050
New Farm Institute New Farm Institute’s (NFI) mission is to educate, assist and inspire a new generation of sustainable farmers in Central... Farming
Young makers
NXP Semiconductors The first time a 200 mm semiconductor grade silicon wafer has been patterned with audio and plays on a turntable. Arts
Oh Antonio And His Imaginary Friends We are a group of engineers that write songs about robots and love and science and fun! We are an interactive group that gets... Music
Ouiness Ouiness is a musical happening, featuring talented musicians and often dancers in an wild, improvised experience incorporating... Music 12063806_971772269554236_1489930360567154781_n
OUTSIDE VOICE Photography Scavenger Hunt Arts
Young makers
Papel Texano Handcrafted paper and paper art the Austin way Arts
Fiber Art
PCs for Me Designs and sells kits and accessories for the Raspberry Pi Young makers H
Perpetual Design A 16 ft Interactive Geodesic Dome. Darkroom 12741915_10153471442100765_3696074672653094578_n-2
PlanHW This planner understands natural language, so you can type in your homework just like you'd tell it to a human. Young makers check-box
Play-Well TEKnologies Learning and fun inspired by LEGO. Commercial Maker
Ponytrap Viola, Cello, and Robotic Drums. Music
PopUp Play Helping kids learn to design and build their own toys. Commercial Maker download
PrettyKiku Laser Cut Wood and Japanese Paper Jewelry. Commercial Maker 24987719923_1c5216fe6f_o
PsiPlay PsiScreen Pseudolhologram combined with a Microsoft Kinect body tracker. Arts
Body Tracking
Radiant Baubles Createyour very own magical fairy dust pendant Commercial Maker unnamed
REV Robotics Focused on bringing original and innovative products Robotics makerfaireimage
Robert Steimle: NXP Silicon Phonograph Record NXP Silicon Phonograph Record NXP Silicon Record - A new spin on an old technology. Phonograph records have been made of... Arts
Robotics Fun and Games Create an interactive environment for programming robots Robotics 11032384_734526953355498_4284625402473662683_n
Rockdale Tiger Flight Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting aviation to youth and adults Engineering 0319161755a
Sciborg and the Robopimps Sam Alexander's love of Isaac Asimov novels, Star Trek and Star Wars influenced him to construct an array of cyborg costumes... Music
Science in a Suitcase A new partnership combining robotics and the performing arts. Arts
Young makers
Scott’s Machine and Mfg An aluminum case for the raspberry pi 2 and 3. Engineering 26245980891_15447c41de_o
Sending a Weather Balloon to the Upper Atmosphere A weather balloon sent to the upper atmospher Young makers balloon_launch
Sir Picksalot Engineering IMG_20150222_211135
Sky Candy PhysEd
Snapology Austin Let's defy gravity by creating vertical marble mazes and building speedy cars using our LEGO® bricks! Engineering
Young makers
SPARK Wearable technology that really glows. Darkroom
Fashion Show
SPARK Home school Young Maker Club in Austin, Texas. Education sparkkids
Springdale General Springdale General builds affordable maker studios, creative office space, test kitchens, and workshops in Austin. Untitled
St. Gabriel’s Catholic School A collaborative work space for inventing, learning and sharing. Education
Young makers
1-0 d.lab logo
Starlo An Intel Edison based framework for modifying RC cars. Engineering Logo
Stunt Ranch Cool Things
Sundrawn Solar pyrography with magnifying lens and the sunshine Cool Things 12496153_10208871106923811_2464639152936040739_o
Sword Casting Guy Use power tools to customize a wood sword precut in a Bronze Age design. PhysEd 12140887_852163848235698_2324431355789927131_o
TechShop Austin-Round Rock TechShop provides access to over $1 million worth of professional equipment and software. Technology 25233189874_a076dcf43b_b
Texas Brick Railroad We are adult fans of LEGO® that have come together because of our interests and obsessions with “the brick”. Lego KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
Texie Jo Cosplays Local cosplayer doing workshops with Worbla and EVA foam armor. Young makers 11214029_441654759350407_859137217776686872_n
The Art Institute of Austin Multiple interactive musical projects created collaboratively by students in the Audio Production department at the Art... Arts
Maker 16 - AiAustin_Audio
The Burlap Bag Smelling soy candles Commercial Maker crazy+cat+lady
The Car With Ping Pong Balls A car with ping pong balls on Cool Things Car-with-Ping-Pong-Balls-On-It-1031b
The Coolest Whiteboard Erasing Machine This machine wipes whiteboards Cool Things
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
The Den Archive The process of observing and drawing your own portraits and artwork. Commercial Maker download (1)
The Dumpster Project A project that invites learners of all ages to rethink sustainability. Cool Things dumpster logo full name
The Edge of Imagination Station An interactive and mobile stop motion animation lab. Arts 12080086_10153754012153825_5321110474859934957_o
The Geekbus A mobile makerspace created to provide STEM educational experience. Education AMF_Geekbus
The Robot Group The Robot Group's mission is to promote technology through robotics. Robotics 20160313_124353-1024x576
The School of Science and Technology The Steel Stallions strive to teach each one of its members skills useful in both the manufacturing and programming industry. Robotics 10250343_544992932350118_8034201889233679682_n
The Spark Austin museum/amusement/experience space devoted to innovation. Arts
Video Projection
The University of Texas, Psychology Dept. Our research examines a broad range of topics, including the early development of cognitive and intellectual ability, and more. Education crl_icon
Thinkery A place where science and families play side by side. Arts
Thinkery Lounge, learn and create with Thinkery. Education Volunteens-768x576
Tim Deagan author of Make: Fire Book; Presentation will be at Robot Resurrection Tim Deagan will lead an informative presentation and demo on working with propane and will discuss his new book published by... Arts
Tinker Teachers We are a bilingual, literacy-inspired makerspace. Education AD-Tinker-Teachers
Tracy Colello: digital fractal art A combination of art and math, fractal software is easily accessible to create an infinite variety of amazing pictures. Arts
Typewriter Rodeo Typewriter Rodeo Arts event-pic8
VentureLab STEM-based entrepreneurship education for kids. Education G
Weaving Arts Austin – A SAORI Studio Create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of woven art using a variety of yarns and fun materials. Arts
Wee Warhols Art-Making Pinball Machine Wee Warhols has built a large pinball machine that people can use to make art, using balls dipped... Arts
Westlake Robotics High school students show robots build for the first robotics competitions. Robotics IMG_0942
Will Heron Designs Hand printed shirts with non toxic water based inks. Commercial Maker 325749_10150861960640276_1361948374_o
Women, Woodworking, & Wine We will be showing how to carve different types of wood, such as basswood, maple, and cherry. Arts
Young women makers panel with Tamara Hudgins of Girlstart Tamara Hudgins of Girlstart will lead a panel of young women makers from groups such as Lady Cans Robotics Group and Thinkery... Cool Things
Young makers
Zippy Multirotors Zippy was designed and machined by Benjamin using polycarbonate as the material for its strength properties. All the while... Engineering zip