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Austin Bike Zoo

Project Name: Austin Bike Zoo

Project: The Austin Bike Zoo’s Human Powered Puppetry is dedicated to inspiring communities through the creation of unique human powered vehicles, bicycle-based theatrical performances and educational programs for youth. Our work was born out of a passion to combine the beauty and strength of human movement with the artistry and theater of puppets and a dedication to creating interactive works which engage our community. The Austin Bike Zoo works to create events which leave smiles on spectators faces, tickle their imaginations and inspire them to further understand the relationship between humans and the mechanical world around them. Through our work audiences are taken to a fantasy world of 80’ rattlesnakes and 17’ butterflies, where anything is possible with only the power of your own two feet and a lot of imagination.

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  • Maker name: Jeremy Rose

    Maker organization: Austin Bike Zoo

    Decorated bikes

    Maker Faire experience: Was awarded "First Choice" Maker ribbons in both Austin Maker Faire 2007 and 2008.

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