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That Damned Band

Project Name: Old-Timey Dark Carnival Goblin-Core music

Project: THAT Damned Band is an accordion-driven musical explosion of creative storytelling and superb musicianship. An acoustic band consisting of some of Ausin, Texas' most outgoing and original improvisational instrumentalists play songs that veer through genres from Old-time to New Orleans jazz to punk rock performance art to vaudeville, while singing songs about goblins, piracy, and whiskey. "A delight to the ear, a remembrance of times gone by with a modern flare… a time when Freak Shows Graced the Midways." John Robinson, THE BAND: A visceral entry into a world of Goblins, Freaks, Pirates, and the Others from all possible worlds, all swimming in punch, all breaking open the head, all dancing through as many possible realms of existence as are possible, ad infimnitum. Think of the darkest shadow under the bed, the dustiest memory on the shelf, the most brilliant color you ever felt. That is where our songs come from. THAT Damned Band is an accordion driven group of multi-talented songsters, which pay musical tribute to eastern European, yiddish, and old-tyme vaudevillian era music and styles. THAT Damned Band features a unique arrangement that includes Accordion, Clarinet, Jug, flute, saw, Resonator Guitar, Washtub bass, Tuba, Drums, and washboard. An emotionally charged musical set is spiced up with occasional performances by REAL LIVING HUMAN ODDITIES and circus sideshow acts.

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Maker name: That Damned Band

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