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TXFX Haunters Group, Round Rock Chapter

Project Name: Home Haunters

Project: TXFX Haunters Group, Round Rock Chapter is a group of Home Haunters who create haunted walkthroughs of their yard or garage and build the majority of the props from ordinary household items and some specialty items. We use air pneumatics, electronics, windshield wiper and reindeer motors to power our creations. We make our own tombstones from foam using tools we that made such as our homemade Hot Wire Table to cut the foam, which we can do live demonstrations in the booth with, we build animatronics using pvc and items from our local hardware store, we've begun making our own masks using latex molds and cloth. A few of us build electronics to use as timers and event triggers and we do this all for the love of making Halloween.


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Maker name: Don Powell

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