What a Faire!

Geez!  It was a good one this year, wasn’t it?  We’re starting to go through some of the photos from our volunteer photographers… these are some fantastic ones from Eric McQuestion.  Love all the parents and children enjoying moments of happy absorption and high interest and engagement… this is not an event where parents sit around bored on the sidelines!  MiniMaker_McQ-7MiniMaker_McQ-6                 MiniMaker_McQ-149MiniMaker_McQ-15MiniMaker_McQ-23MiniMaker_McQ-26MiniMaker_McQ-31MiniMaker_McQ-34MiniMaker_McQ-35MiniMaker_McQ-37MiniMaker_McQ-41MiniMaker_McQ-63MiniMaker_McQ-73MiniMaker_McQ-76MiniMaker_McQ-111MiniMaker_McQ-114MiniMaker_McQ-118MiniMaker_McQ-122MiniMaker_McQ-141MiniMaker_McQ-145

Come out! Rain or Shine! All Day Sunday! Amazingness!

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Come sew, craft, and Make in the Fabric Factory!

This year’s Craft Zone is going to be ROCKIN!! Using a surplus of denim and tee-shirts, America’s favorite fabrics, we’ll paint, stitch, draw, cut, hammer and string up some fantastic projects. Make a denim bag to carry to the pool. Stitch up a wine bag to bring to your next picnic. Cut tee-shirts into a ball of yarn. Customize your new favorite cut-offs. Come on Sunday to participate in artist Melissa Knight’s Community Fabric Collage using her own amazing beautiful batik fabrics. And slip your message to the world by stamping up your personal motto on a good old-fashioned ladies’ slip. Or, if you’re the creative type, show us what you can do with the surplus of fabrics and materials presented to you! 11229381_10206302322174634_4863985095783696444_n

Special shout out to Outside Voice for helping to sponsor this year’s Fabric Factory. And to Austin’s own New Bohemia for the seemingly endless supply of denim. And to the amazing Stitch Lab for sending us machines to use all weekend.
Come play! The Fabric Factory is going to be SEW AMAZING!!!11119432_10206306839767571_1184831491799658124_n

Fiber Lounge

By Juliann Krute, Fiber Arts Coordinator

Let us woo you to the fabulous world of fiber art at The Fiber Lounge this weekend at the Austin Mini Maker Faire! Are you interested in making things with yarn, fabric, wool or paper? We welcome you to come and get your craft on in our cozy lounge. Bring your current project and sit with us for a while or dabble in a new technique with our talented instructors. Seven local fiber artists will be running small group sessions to introduce you to a new hobby, including:

Saturday morning: Making pendants out of a paper-based clay with Dawn, Making your own yarn on a drop spindle with Heather
Saturday afternoon: Playing with yarn (including crochet, knitting and weaving) with Vivian, Dyeing a custom silk scarf with Juliann
Sunday morning: Needlefelting small sculptures with Marie, Making your own yarn on a drop spindle with Heather
Sunday afternoon: Making your own yarn on a drop spindle with Heather, Dyeing a custom silk scarf with Juliann

Drop in to The Fiber Lounge, located in the Fiber Village (indoors), and play with us! We’re also happy to answer any questions about fiber art making opportunities in Central Texas so you can take your new skills home with you and continue your maker journey all year.

Children are welcome but under 13s should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Austin Mini Maker Faire 2015: The Map!!